Lindsey Wagner

Bio: Who Are You Reading? Whenever I happen to stumble upon another college blogger I always wonder who I am reading. What goes on in their mind beyond the print in front of me? Of course I enjoy their witty comments about why to avoid frat boys and their enlightening advice about being true to yourself, but I can’t help but wonder who they really are away from the screen. Do they get as anxious about taking a test as I do? Do they drink their coffee black like me? All of these questions go through my mind when I read their posts because it makes their advice, their trials, and mistakes feel all that more relatable. So I only thought that it would be fair for those readers, however many are reading to know something about me too. In no way is this blurb an "about me" because that would entail some sort of organization and a regiment description of me. It is more or less a list of things that I think define me as a person; so I am going to let it flow from big to small, detailed and personal to general and obvious, and just see how it goes. By no means is this list permanent either because everyday I find that I discover something new about myself. To those following along, I am from the North East but a college student in the Mid-West, I am someone who drinks their coffee black, I am an inspiring yogi and I am still scared of the dark no matter how old I get. I am someone who still has a weakness for flannel shirts and Harry Potter. I am someone who likes to believe that I can easily change and go with the flow, but as a true Capricorn my stubbornness may reject that notion. I am a firm believer that moms can fix just about anything with a hug, and that your parents can really be your best friends… no matter how many times you screamed at them when you were 14. I am dynamic and sensitive, hopeful and cautious. I manage my time efficiently but get caught up as easily as the next person. Occasionally I forget that art is my therapy, and most often times my manicure is chipped and imperfect. My parents don’t think I have a good taste in music and I really do believe that if you are happy with who you are everything else will fall into place. This whole thing wouldn't be complete if I didn't also explain the things that make me human, the things that I may not be always proud of being. A lot of times I wish I was thinner and maybe didn't inherit a broad frame. Other times I care too much of what people think of me and have a hard time letting go. And there are times that I don't wash the dishes or take out the trash until the last possible moment. I stress, I explore and I balance, and most of my homework is done, but most of all, I am.

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